October was BUSY!!


October is a very busy time of year for us!

It might as well be the holidays for us.  It actually starts in September.  Both mine and my sister’s birthday’s are in September and by September I am in Full Force mode trying to get things decided, made and done in time for Little Man’s October Birthday.  It is the season so you have to fit your visit to the Pumpkin Patch in there somewhere.  Our Anniversary is also in October and then you throw Halloween on top and at the end of all of that.  But that is a normal year.  This year we had our first season of Blast Ball with Little Man, one of my long time friends had a baby shower and my best friend got Married on October 9th so a bridal shower/bachelorette party and Wedding. Little is old enough now that we went to Two Fall Festivals and one Trunk or Treat. I think as the holiday season is gearing up after Halloween it will be more of a slow season for us.  Wait a minute, who am I kidding?????

Here are photos from October!


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