My Baby is gone


Now we all know kids can’t be babies for ever and, I’m okay with that but, it is sad when they get older and little parts of what was being a baby start to disappear.  Now it feels like Little Man has been a “big boy” for a while now.  When we put him in daycare it seemed like he was growing by leaps and bounds.  His speech, his independence, his eating, ect.  He has always seemed to be a little ahead of the curve when it comes to motor skills, walking at 10 months, throwing and jumping, ect. and with potty training he seemed pretty young for a boy from what I can tell.  But there was always this one thing that I kept holding on to.  It was something he would say when he wanted to be picked up.  “Mommy, I hold you”  I know it might not seem like much but he would always say it and it always made me smile.  I mean the thought of Little holding me?  It was always in a soft voice of “Mommy, I houldjew”  Well, it’s gone,  what is even worse is I didn’t know it was gone.  I don’t know when he lost it!  It had to have been somewhere between October and now and I didn’t even realize it.   Is life that busy and fast that we don’t see our children right in front of our faces?   Again, I’m one of those people who understand life is ever-changing, always going and aging, so I love that Liam is a smart, funny and healthy little guy, I just miss the baby every now and then.


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