Last Meal


I watched a show on The Cooking Channel the other day that asked famous chef’s what they would want as their last meal.  They were picking these great dishes from fancy restaurants or complicated meals from home town dives.  I then saw a blog that asked what is your favorite meal and it made me think what mine might be.   This is such a hard question because fatty loves some food!  I’m one of those people who takes a first bite of something and will literally go Mmmmmm before I put the fork down loud enough for the people at the table to hear me and sometimes I don’t even know I am doing it.  I love food!

Normally I am a steak and potatoes type of girl and I will have to say my favorite type of food is Mexican because I can eat that all the time any time and not seem to grow old with it.  But man do I love me some Seafood!  That is more like a special treat because we don’t get it often, because of cost.

But if I were to pick what my last meal would be I would have to say that I’m a much simpler girl then all of that and because it would be my LAST meal and because I am sentimental and because of the nostalgia factor my last meal would be.

Mom’s Poor Man’s Lasagna with a Red Lobster Caesar Side Salad and Cheddar Biscuits and because I am Texan thru and thru an ICE COLD Canned Dr. Pepper!  There is just something about a canned Dr. Pepper.  For dessert a simple Chocolate and Yellow Marble cake with Chocolate Frosting and again ICE COLD Fat Free Milk.  I say Fat Free because I am use to it and anything else would seem too thick in consistency.

So what do you think?  What is your Favorite Meal or what would you choose as a Last Meal.  Remember you can have anything from any where you have ever eaten.  So you might have an entrée from one restaurant and a dessert from another or your Grandma’s home cookin’.   PLEASE SHARE What you would choose.


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  1. Well Gosh, I think we need to see a recipe for this “Mom’s Poor Man’s Lasagna” then lil’ missy.

    As for my last meal, heck who knows… just shoot me and be done with it – I don’t need to eat anything. Jesus will have something cooked up when I get there!!!! 🙂

  2. My last meal:

    filet mignon
    lobster or king crab legs
    loaded mashed potatoes
    hot fresh bread and butter
    salad w blue cheese

    Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (vanilla bean?)
    German chocolate brownie cookies from this place back home in RS

    Easy to please? I think NOT.

  3. Janie you are funny! I agree shoot me and get it over with, but just in case it’s too sinful for Heaven, than I want my King Crab legs first! I know they’ll have chocolate up there…

  4. Okay so I’m going to add BACON to my meal too. I’m pretty convinced that b/c of all the grease it won’t be in Heaven and it’s too good to make it to Hell.

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