Gotta Love Photo Editing!


Lately I have found and fallen in love with an easy photo editing website for the Non-Professional Photographer like myself.  It is super easy and has a lot of fun add-on “sticker” type of options, font coloring, blemish removing, ect.  And it is free.  It is where I made this at for free.  There are some “premium” editing options you can do for some $ of course.  I have been playing around with it so much that I thought what the hey, I can get the subscription for a year and if I don’t use it that often then stop it and lesson learned.  I went ahead and paid the $25 so I can get access to some of the “premium” editing options.  The picture below is probably way over edited but I had to play around and see what all this puppy could do.  So be ready to be amazed! Oh and you will see me on a bad day, I am already pointing out my flaws below so please be kind.  I’m already self-conscious enough as it is.





Let me point out a couple of things.
First – the teeth.  Look how pearly white those suckers are!
Second – the shine.  This was in June and we had been out by the pool in the heat so we were all shiny lookin.
Third – the skin.  Look how smooth and pretty our skin looks.  Ah, what airbrushing can do.
Forth and the most important of allTHE ZIT, the dry and peeling crater just below my nose!  Don’t tell me you didn’t already notice it in the before picture.  Oh I hated that thing.  Whenever someone was talking to me that day all I could think of was, “oh my God they are staring at my zit.  That is all they can think of and see when they look at me”   That thing is huge!  But thankfully it will not be memorialized in photos after this.  Thank GOD!

this is not a paid advertisement.

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