Keep your heart open.


I love being your Mommy!  I love that you are, for the most part, I mean you do have your moments, a sweet, loving and joyful kid.  When I pick you up from school you give at least 10 hugs to other kids and teachers.  To see such innocent and pure love for another person thru the eyes of a child brings me happiness!  How I want to hold onto your heart and lock it away in a fireproof safe to preserve the untainted love that you have.  The world/life  can be so hateful, hurtful, nasty, abrasive and heart hardening.  I hope that I can teach you to continue to love others thru the trials of life and keep your heart open.  Love you sweet baby!


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  1. Great post Sonja! So sweet. I totally feel ya on that one. It breaks my heart to know that others will break Aleeya’s heart, that *I* will break her heart. As long as she is brought up to love and trust Jesus, she’ll have that unfailing love available to her. I find comfort knowing that *HE* loves her even more than I do and He is in control of it all.

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