Makes me SMILE week 17


Kitchen that is almost finished and workable.

Easter Lunch at the house.

Family and Friends.

Kids Easter Egg Hunt.

The time after some people have already left and stuff is cleaned up and the kids are entertained and you can relax and talk.

A friend’s birthday Surprise.

3 grown women being able to dance with the kids for fun.

Little’s blastball practice.

And I always love a free lunch friday!


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  1. Where can I get in on this “free” lunch event? 🙂 Great things to smile about for sure!

    Hey…I go to UTA Cont. Ed classes in Arlington, Tx. I have learned so MUCH and I just started going in Janurary of this year.

    I am also in a Camera/Photography MeetUp group for Dallas/Fort Worth and they list some photo workshops in Las Colinas. I haven’t been and have no idea if those are any good, but the ones at UTA are awesome.

    Glad to meet another enthusiast in my area! 🙂

  2. All of these and the memories of all the above make me smile too! Love your appreciation for all the small things so many of us would easily take for granted.

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