Keep your comments to yourself Son.


Son, I don’t mind you asking me questions in public or making a comment but can it be just between the two of us?  I understand what you said was very mild compared to what it could have been, so I am grateful for that.  But next time we are in the store and you see someone who has a lot of body hair, do you think you can just learn to make a mental note to yourself?  If you feel like you have to say something out loud then lets start something new and you can just say “Mommy, I have a secret!”  Then I will get close enough for you to whisper your observations.  It is not nice to point at someone while we are walking down the grocery store aisle and say, “Wow, he has a lot of hair!”


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  1. That is so Shannon, body hair (actually back hair on a man) she just could not stand and made comments everytime when it was not appropriate.

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