Can I grow up?


I had a stop the clock moment and an, if you only knew, moment when we were on vacation.

It was our last day and we had an 11AM Check out time.  We were packing and cleaning and talking about how we didn’t want to leave.  My friend’s daughter (10 yo) was talking to Little Man and she said “I am going to move down here when I grow up”.  As she was saying this she went to go sit on some steps to the house.  I was about 20 feet away at the truck loading somethings up and Little Man comes over to me all serious and sweet like, calls for me and I turn around and he is right under me looking up and says,  “Mommy, can I go over there and grow up with *A?”

It was the saddest and funniest things at the same time.  Stop the Clock Moment – everyone was so sad and didn’t want to leave the beach house behind, including me.  If You Only Knew Moment – In my head I was thinking, Son, if you only knew how fast time goes by and before I know it I will blink my eyes and you will be 14,  that one day you are going to be my age and wishing you were just a little younger for a little longer.  Again another Stop the Clock Moment – Stop growing, stop just for a moment and stay this cute, funny, loving Preschooler that you are.


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