New Favorite Little Thing.


There is a semi new website out for Photo Books/Gifts, ect, called Paper Coterie.  They have some really cute things!  My new favorite little things are “Swatchbooks” A small photo book that reminds me of paint swatch samples. Can it technically be a favorite thing if I have never actually seen these in person before?  Anyways,  they look like this below, and they are only $15 Dollars.  Now personally that seems like a lot of money for some little thing but it seems like Paper Coterie is always having a promotion.  They are having one now for $40 off.  Use the promotion code, ALIEDWARDS.  Offer ends July 31.  So with this I got mine for free and spent $4 and some change for shipping.

Anyways, the real reason I am bringing this to your attention is so you can see MY Swatchbook here.  I love it and can’t wait to hold it in my hand.  This was a perfect thing to put our vacation photos into.  Plus I know Little Man is going to love looking at this over and over again.  BTW-Little Man has started using my phone to take photos.  I think it would be really cute that once he has taken enough I could put his photos on a swatchbook and it would be his own personal photo collection.

P.S. I saw that Snapfish has 200 prints for $2 and 100 prints for $1.  I didn’t click on the offer, I’m sure you might have to pay for shipping or something but still that is an offer you can not pass up.

Okay, I guess that’s it. Just wanted to pass along these deals I have seen lately and show you one of my new favorites.

*Not a paid advertisement. Paper Coterie or Snapfish doesn’t know me from Eve.


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  1. (Lol, at above & Dang it!!! Last time this thing made me log in and now it didn’t…) Any WHO, I wanted to say that I just finished my 30 page Hardcover book valued at $32.00 and only had to pay my $10.90 shipping b/c the coupon code above still works!!! HURRY Get your photo albums NOW!!!!!! I can’t wait til mine arrives in just a few days! Thanks for sharing!!!

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