Marital Dilemmas


I wanted to let you in on some marital dilemmas we have had over the years.  We have learned to deal with it but, when my husband and I first got together we had some issues to work out.  When I look at this list I’m surprised we have lasted this long.  I mean some of these offenses could end a relationship.  Especially a girl like me who is all Texan.

First offense

He is a White Bread Person.                     I am a Wheat Bread Person.


This problem has been solved by compromising on the Whole Wheat Bread.  The logic to this is obviously Whole Wheat is better for you.  Enough said.

Second Offense

He is a Mayonnaise Person.         I am a Miracle Whip Person.


This problem was not solvable.  We get a big jug of Mayo for him because he eats a lot of sandwiches and I get a little jar of Miracle Whip.  If I am out I guess I can eat Mayo and if he is out, Tough!

The next problem was totally offensive to me and I have learned to be “okay” with it.

He is a  Pepsi Person.             I am a Dr. Pepper Person.

This was not solvable either.  We get both Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.  WE ALL KNOW which one is better! But I keep my mouth shut.  I must really love him for that.

At least we agree on one thing, and that is the brand of ketchup.

Nothing else compares.

Do you and your man dispute on any food items?  Mrs. Baird’s Vs. Nature’s Own, Blue Bell Vs. Breyer’s? Whole Pickles Vs. Sliced?


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  1. So, what you’re TRYING to say is that a person ought to have a picnic lunch with a potential mate to avoid future surprises. I would’ve been OUT THE DOOR if I had married a white bread Pepsi drinker (I like Coke). lol. Ew to Miracle Whip. Bleck!!

    Ice Cream – HIS WAY
    I like Blue Bell ice cream. Well, I did after my husband introduced it to me. He put his foot DOWN on the ice cream issue and I respected his authority like a good wife should.

    Peanut Butter: MY WAY
    Choosy Mom’s choose Jiff. I like mine creamy but I’ll take it crunchy.

    Shampoo & Conditioner: MY WAY
    I refuse to go any cheaper than Tresemme. If he wants to use Suave, HE can buy it himself and scrape the buildup out of his own scalp.

    Soap: HIS WAY
    Dial. It’s just a pain to have more than one bar of soap in the shower.

    Relationships are about compromise but if you’re clever enough to out-witt your significant other, good for you. Pick your battles. I’d rather have a large jar of Skippy peanut butter than a husband who didn’t ever purchase peanut butter.

    • Yes, we buy gender neutral body wash too. There are somethings I just refuse to buy two off. It makes me feel like I am spending less money. We might go thru it twice as fast but it make ME feel better.

  2. I can’t believe you kiss those Pepsi lips!!!

    LOL, I think about these little things in my own relationship from time to time and laugh at how we have “upgraded” one another as our grocery list has become so specific!

    For us our battles are over the following:

    Toilet Paper/Paper towels, I prefer Charmin and Viva and he’ll take whatever is cheapest (nevermind the fact that it takes 3-4x’s quantity of the cheapest stuff to = the quality of the name brand products I like)

    Hair Care-I was an Herbal Essence gal until he turned me onto Bumble and Bumble, Matrix Essentials and Redken shampoos/conditioners, my hair has never been healthier, but I still buy the Herbal Essence for the kids.

    As far as food items go, it’s down LETTUCE! I prefer the Romaine or Leafy Green and he likes the cheaper, empty Iceberg.

    When shopping together we’ll both go for the Better products, but rest assured if left to shopping solo, we both come home with our personal picks and the other one just copes with it.

  3. There’s NO compromising when it comes to toilet paper. It’s Charmin or nothing baby!! If you don’t like it, you can kiss my Charmin-wiped butt! lol. just kidding. I get enough of the cheap stuff at work.

    I love buying things I KNOW he likes… V8 juice, hummus (Sabre brand), Wheat Thins, Fritos, turkey and swiss for sandwiches. He likes green chilli sardines and he likes a big block of sharp cheddar cheese. NONE of this stuff mattered to me at all until I met him and I have a newfound sense of appreciation for them now that he’s in my life.

    I’ll know he’s thinking of me if he buys vanilla Activia yogurt (which I like but the baby eats most of it). If he buys roast beef lunchmeat and Cheetos, I’ll know he made a sacrifice to please me. If he remembers my favorite kind of deodorant (Secret) and buys any kind of beer besides Heineken (Coronas, Dos Equis, or any kind of girly drink) I’ll know he’s expecting something in return. 🙂

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