This past weekend one of  my best friend’s had a “Generation’s Tea” at her church.  They asked for people who were interested to “host” or decorate/set a table.  Well, she got a good turn out to the tea but not the tables.  So, because I am her best friend and because I love to decorate and party plan I jumped for the chance to help.  Along with our other bestie.  Bestie M is a seasoned host and has been to several of these type of functions before and has accumulated a lot of table settings/decor.  Her stuff alone decorated 3 tables with all 3 different themes.  I was impressed!  Oh, to one day be able to open a drawer or closet and say I have these dishes or these, this table-cloth or that one…..

For weeks I kept looking on Pinterest trying to gather inspiration and wonder what theme or color to go off of.  I had this image in my head but I was not about to go and spend all this $$ when I didn’t really have it to spend.  So I kept looking and kept looking online but never actually did anything.  I don’t know why really, that’s not like me.

My planning has been blah lately. For instance, here it is mid August and Little Man’s Birthday is mid October and I know what I want to do but I haven’t started.  This time last year I was basically done and just waiting on the day of.  This year,  things are sitting on Pinterest and I still can’t make a decision on where to have it!  Sorry, I digress.

I kept telling myself to stop and just go look at my Mother’s dishes that once were my Great-Great Grandmothers from Ohio.  I had never seen them but knew she had them.  I am a Modern type of girl so I just knew that these things were going to be old and probably cheesy looking.  Man, oh Man, was I wrong.  They were Gorgeous!

White hand painted with blue and yellow trim and cute flowers of blue, pink, orange and yellow.  The colors themselves were very modern.  So within two days of thinking it over and trying to decided what colors to go with I had ordered fabric online, on sale and had it shipped to my very talented Sister that has been teaching herself to sew.

It came out beautifully!

You know the best part?  I asked my sister to make the table runner long enough for my 10 person dinning room table.  So I can use the runner and napkins over and over again!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Sonja!! You’ve got some real talent. The pictures don’t even do the table justice. I was so impressed, especially with your tea cup roses. So elegant!

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