Splendid Mess Moment: Mud Puddles


Bestie J sent me pictures of a Splendid Mess Moment of Little Miss A.  I will let her explain the pictures.

We went to the neighbors to have dinner. She was sitting in the grass (or so I thought), messing with a sprinkler that was turned off. When I went to her to bring her inside, I saw that she was sitting in a giant mud puddle, just playing with the water and wiping mud on her arms and legs. One of my new favorite pictures of her.  🙂

I love Little Miss A!  She is one of my favorite little people, little people meaning she is a kid, not meaning that she is a little person, but kids ARE little people so… oh never-mind!   My point is that she is like my own and she has the sweetest heart.  I love you Miss A!  

Did you have any Splendid Mess Moments this summer?  Send me your photos and I will feature you on here!  Can’t wait to share another Splendid Mess Moment once I get the photos back.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  I would love to share your photos too!


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