Telling Little Man


So, like the minute I told Big Man and we did the Hug and Kiss thing,  He goes over to Little Man and says Little Man…..

 Me: Nooooooo!

Him: What? He need’s to know.  

Me: Yes, but not right now lets wait a little.  Plus he is almost 4 he wont be able to keep it a secret.  (The whole time he is staring up at us like, What?)

Me: Oh, okay, it is too late, look at him!?!?

Big Man:  Mommy and Daddy have something to tell you,  Mommy is going to have a baby.

Little Man:  EYE’S Big-Mouth Open!

Me:  But it is going to be a long time because it has to grow in Mommy’s belly.

Little Man:  Mommy, why did you eat the baby?

Oh-my-gosh!  We were rolling, I almost fell on the floor!

5 minutes later:

Little Man: Mommy, where does the baby come out at?

Another Oh-my-gosh moment but in a different way.  Like, what the heck kind of can of worms did we just open?  He is not ready for “Girl Parts” talk is he?

Me:  The Hospital (I was like, yeah, cool answer, he might actually take it)

Little Man:  But how does the baby get out?

Me: We will discuss it when you get older.

Little Man: The baby is going to POP your belly off! Giggle.

The next morning getting ready for school:

Let me first start with a back story.  Little Man gets prizes at school if they are good all week.  Well he picked out these rings.  Green fake jewels in the shape of a heart.  He didn’t think anything of it expect that he wanted a ring on his finger like Mommy and Daddy.  Well Daddy was cool about it and after about a week kindly told him that those were girl rings.  So Little Man gave them to me, saying he didn’t want them anymore that they were for girls.

So while we were getting ready for school he saw the two rings and said, let’s save these for the baby! Aww!

And the most recent from this past weekend.  My mom was watching him and she asked him if he wanted me to have a boy or a girl.  Which by the way, every time you ask, hand down he wants a boy.

Little Man: I Boy, a boy like me and daddy.  Like me, it’s going to be me.

So he basically wants a clone brother.  I can’t blame him!


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