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Makes me SMILE week 41


6 Year Wedding Anniversary.

Stores like Kid to Kid, Momma’s on a budget!

The Pumpkin Patch with Bestie and Little Miss A.

Hearing the baby’s heart beat at check ups!

Little Man’s 4th Birthday!

Big Man helping out.

Hanging with one of the Besties!

The count down to my trip to see my Granny in Louisiana. (75th Birthday Celebration)

1 Year Anniversary


Happy Anniversary to me!  Yep, I have been at the job a year and I love it.  I have been blessed by God and I praise him when it comes to my job every time I get the chance.

The Awesomeness goes like this.

1.  The Hours – 8am – 4pm.  Yes, you read that right.  I basically get paid for my 30 minute lunch.  I only have to work 37.5 hours and I get paid for 40.  (It’s a California thing)  This is a blessing because I am picking Little Man up from school by 4:30 and we are off to the park or riding his bike or in the summer at the pool early and I still have plenty of time to get dinner on the table and I feel like I get “real” time with my family every day.  I can get him to blast ball practice or we can meet up for dinner without being in a rush.

2.  Location – I have never figured out the mileage but the commute is awesome.  I can get here in 20 minutes or less on a good day and who can complain about that.  Gas isn’t bad and although my hours are nice this factor also helps out with a lot of the things I mentioned under “Hours”.

3.  Work Load – My work load is so manageable.  Compared to my last job I was so slammed and drowning that I could never stop to come up for air.  Those workloads where you know you will never get caught up so you almost stop caring and wonder what is the point?

4.  The Boss – Can you say totally awesome?  He cares, he respects, he values, he appreciates! He buys the office lunch a lot.  ;o)  He is flexible, he jokes, he includes you and asks your opinion and does not micro manage.

5.  The Money – This is such a bonus when you like your job.  This was a jump from the last job in this department and it has blessed our family in so many ways.  It let us breath in a lot of ways.  It let us go for the name brand of  food items at the grocery store if you know what I mean.  It let us have some fun that we desperately needed after the last couple of years that we had.  Now it is obviously isn’t a fortune, I mean we are still in the same house and in the same cars.

6.  Travel –  So I’m not globe-trotting or anything but I have been able to see California twice now and to be honest it is something I would probably never spend the money to go do.  When I am there I am in a hotel room by MYSELF, which is awesome when you are mommy, to have some alone time and watch what you want to watch on TV and take up the whole bed if you want.  And only worry about yourself and what you want to eat.

So that’s the Big Cool Stuff of this job.  I am not trying to brag, I am still in disbelieve that this is my job and that God let me land here for however long he sees fit.  I can not give him glory enough on how I have been blessed by this job.  It allows me to be the working citizen and the mother and wife that I feel is in balance for me.  Thanks Big Guy in the Sky!

Happy Anniversary 5 Years


Wow, 5 years! That is a long time in today’s world of marriage’s based on what you see on TV.  To me it feels like a lifetime ago (in a good way) if you think about the life we had and the people we were 5 years ago.  Now grant it we have been together 10 years. I like to point that out because at that time in our lives at the ages we were and to still be together is a huge accomplishment.  We must have been doing something right when sometimes everything seemed to be going wrong and our hearts must have been in the right place and we didn’t even know it.  I LOVE YOU BABE!