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Last Christmas…..with JUST Little Man


Why is it that Christmas seems like it is a while away and then once it is here you start saying, “I can’t believe it is Christmas already!?”  Well, that is how I feel this week.  I also had the thought of “Wow, this is probably going to be the easiest Christmas I will have for a while too.”  Starting next year I will have double the gift buying, double the hiding and sneaking, double the projects and double the wrapping.  I hope I can handle it, I hope I can try to be the same Mommy to one as I am to two.

I also started thinking that I will have double the excitement, double the cuteness, double the love and joy of sharing such a wonderful time and the Love of Jesus.

So I’m soaking this Christmas in.  By this time next year everything will be such a blur and I will be trying to find my footing with two.  So I’m going to spend extra time with Big and Little…..uh, right after tonight and my last things of to do’s.

Makes me SMILE week 7


Free Lunch on Friday’s!


Little walking around with pants on his head, reminds me of myself.

Family trip to the flight museum.

Afternoons at the park.

Little on the way out of the house in the mornings,  He already said bye to Big with a hug and kiss but sometimes we will be at the door and he will say, wait, one more hug and kiss and go back.  Soo PRECIOUS!

Donut Friday’s with Little.

Makes me SMILE week 6


Big’s excitement this weekend with the Big Game, Go Packers!!

Little’s mind growing,  his imagination is growing and it is so cute to watch him play with his little action figures.

A very loving and involved husband, he is a wonderful Father!

Fruits of the Spirit.

Little’s Silliness.

Small unexpected caring gifts.

The thought of 5 days in a row at 60 degrees or more.