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We’re having a ……


I have not explained the happenings of finding out the gender of our baby on the blog.  Well if you remember I posted that we would hopefully find out on Dec. 8th.

I just knew that this baby was going to be like Little Man and not show us the goods and sure enough if he/she didn’t.  The Sonographer did everything she could to get a 100% on the sex of the baby.

Not only that but, I had this whole plan on how she was going to write the sex down and put it in an envelope so my sister could get a box of balloons and surprise us with the rest of our family.  It was going to be awesome.  Nope, didn’t happen.  I walked out of there disappointed but not surprised.  They basically told me that because they could see everything else with the baby and that the baby was completely healthy that it was not “deemed necessary” to do another sonogram.  I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I always knew that I wanted to have one of those 3D/4D Sonograms with this baby and even suggested it as a Christmas gift from my family.  So when my sister saw how disappointed I was she said she would go ahead and get that for us for Christmas, it included a quick “Gender Check”.  YAY!  

The next week I was going to California for business and would be gone all week so I knew that I was going to have to wait another week and possibly two because then it was Christmas week, ect.  So when I got back in to work on Monday and called about get an appointment she said, “I have one today at 3.”  I said, “I’ll take it!”  

I did not tell my husband or anyone else in my family in hopes that I could still pull out a surprise for someone and wait until Christmas to do a mini Gender Reveal.  I held on to that secret from Monday until Christmas Eve on Saturday.  It was hard but worth it.



So as you can see from the Pink Balloon, we are having a Girl!

Makes me SMILE week 48 and part of 49


Man, I can not get my stuff together over here on the blog.  Because I will be out of town for most the week and have limited access I’m throwing in part of Week 49.  Can’t believe I have almost made it all 52 weeks.

Running errands as a family!

Marking things off my Christmas List.

Wrapping Presents.

A Lazy Sunday trying to stay cozy.

20 Week Sono, even though the baby would not let us see the goods!

Little Man’s Christmas Program.

A Surprise Date Night with Big Man!

A Breakfast Birthday Party!

A caring and servant heart husband.

Crossing more off the Christmas List.

A wonderful TCOC Christmas Program.

Catching Little Man singing “A baby change’s everything”


Telling Little Man


So, like the minute I told Big Man and we did the Hug and Kiss thing,  He goes over to Little Man and says Little Man…..

 Me: Nooooooo!

Him: What? He need’s to know.  

Me: Yes, but not right now lets wait a little.  Plus he is almost 4 he wont be able to keep it a secret.  (The whole time he is staring up at us like, What?)

Me: Oh, okay, it is too late, look at him!?!?

Big Man:  Mommy and Daddy have something to tell you,  Mommy is going to have a baby.

Little Man:  EYE’S Big-Mouth Open!

Me:  But it is going to be a long time because it has to grow in Mommy’s belly.

Little Man:  Mommy, why did you eat the baby?

Oh-my-gosh!  We were rolling, I almost fell on the floor!

5 minutes later:

Little Man: Mommy, where does the baby come out at?

Another Oh-my-gosh moment but in a different way.  Like, what the heck kind of can of worms did we just open?  He is not ready for “Girl Parts” talk is he?

Me:  The Hospital (I was like, yeah, cool answer, he might actually take it)

Little Man:  But how does the baby get out?

Me: We will discuss it when you get older.

Little Man: The baby is going to POP your belly off! Giggle.

The next morning getting ready for school:

Let me first start with a back story.  Little Man gets prizes at school if they are good all week.  Well he picked out these rings.  Green fake jewels in the shape of a heart.  He didn’t think anything of it expect that he wanted a ring on his finger like Mommy and Daddy.  Well Daddy was cool about it and after about a week kindly told him that those were girl rings.  So Little Man gave them to me, saying he didn’t want them anymore that they were for girls.

So while we were getting ready for school he saw the two rings and said, let’s save these for the baby! Aww!

And the most recent from this past weekend.  My mom was watching him and she asked him if he wanted me to have a boy or a girl.  Which by the way, every time you ask, hand down he wants a boy.

Little Man: I Boy, a boy like me and daddy.  Like me, it’s going to be me.

So he basically wants a clone brother.  I can’t blame him!

Makes me SMILE Week 37


Shopping by MYSELF! I never appreciated this until after Little Man.

A family trip to Toys-R-Us.  Got some great idea’s for Little Man’s Birthday AND Christmas and picked up activities for his Birthday Party coming up.

Lunch with a Bestie!


Little Man eating an Apple Slice! (Only the second one in his life and it had Nutella on it.  It took 15 minutes for him to finish, so the smile quickly faded.)

This Weather!

The start of Fall TV Shows.  What’s new that you want to watch this year?  I want to watch, Whitney, Once upon a time, Pan Am, Up All Night, GCB.  I know that is a lot on top of the few that are staples like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family but we will see what sticks?

Surprise lunch from the Big Man!

Appreciation of a yard work.  I might not like out back yard but at least we have one, right?

Friendly email banter.

Makes me SMILE Week 36


Target, oh how I’ve missed you Target!

Little Man’s first game of Fall Blastball!

Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, woot-woot!  I think I like that place more than some kids!

The lovely weather so I could watch my boys fish!

9/11 Service at Church.  Okay, I know this is a sad thing but it was such a good service to remember and honor.

A man who will cook.

I great job with health insurance and a boss that is cool and understanding that when you get a call from Daycare that you gotta go!

Free Lunch Friday!

Splendid Mess Moment: Mud Puddles


Bestie J sent me pictures of a Splendid Mess Moment of Little Miss A.  I will let her explain the pictures.

We went to the neighbors to have dinner. She was sitting in the grass (or so I thought), messing with a sprinkler that was turned off. When I went to her to bring her inside, I saw that she was sitting in a giant mud puddle, just playing with the water and wiping mud on her arms and legs. One of my new favorite pictures of her.  🙂

I love Little Miss A!  She is one of my favorite little people, little people meaning she is a kid, not meaning that she is a little person, but kids ARE little people so… oh never-mind!   My point is that she is like my own and she has the sweetest heart.  I love you Miss A!  

Did you have any Splendid Mess Moments this summer?  Send me your photos and I will feature you on here!  Can’t wait to share another Splendid Mess Moment once I get the photos back.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  I would love to share your photos too!

Thru the lens of a 3 year old.


Little Man has been loving my phone lately.  Besides the games he has been all about the camera and wanting to take pictures himself.  He also likes to toggle thru the different cameras with the “Retro Cam” App.  So I thought I would share these.


Our sweet dog Dimples, that I always feel so guilty about because she does not get the play time and attention she deserves.

Me again.

Big Man, pickin’ a tune.

Makes me SMILE week 28


A fun afternoon at the pool with Little Man and Grammy.

Little Man’s excitement to go back to “school” after being out for a month.

Hanging outside with the neighbor while the kids ride bikes and jump from yard to yard to play in the sprinklers.

$2 Bucks to get into a water park to try to beat boredom and the heat.

This summer’s tan.

Can I grow up?


I had a stop the clock moment and an, if you only knew, moment when we were on vacation.

It was our last day and we had an 11AM Check out time.  We were packing and cleaning and talking about how we didn’t want to leave.  My friend’s daughter (10 yo) was talking to Little Man and she said “I am going to move down here when I grow up”.  As she was saying this she went to go sit on some steps to the house.  I was about 20 feet away at the truck loading somethings up and Little Man comes over to me all serious and sweet like, calls for me and I turn around and he is right under me looking up and says,  “Mommy, can I go over there and grow up with *A?”

It was the saddest and funniest things at the same time.  Stop the Clock Moment – everyone was so sad and didn’t want to leave the beach house behind, including me.  If You Only Knew Moment – In my head I was thinking, Son, if you only knew how fast time goes by and before I know it I will blink my eyes and you will be 14,  that one day you are going to be my age and wishing you were just a little younger for a little longer.  Again another Stop the Clock Moment – Stop growing, stop just for a moment and stay this cute, funny, loving Preschooler that you are.