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Makes me SMILE Week 36


Target, oh how I’ve missed you Target!

Little Man’s first game of Fall Blastball!

Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, woot-woot!  I think I like that place more than some kids!

The lovely weather so I could watch my boys fish!

9/11 Service at Church.  Okay, I know this is a sad thing but it was such a good service to remember and honor.

A man who will cook.

I great job with health insurance and a boss that is cool and understanding that when you get a call from Daycare that you gotta go!

Free Lunch Friday!

Makes me Smile week 31


Double and a half date night!

Laughing for an hour and a half.

Late night with friends.

Family outing to Chuck E. Cheese, just for fun.

Seeing the movie Soul Surfer.  Man, break out the tissues if you are going to watch this one.  I cried like 7 times.

Generation Tea planning with the girls.

Big Man, being the helpful husband and helping us girls.

Little Man and Miss A feeding a donkey and going “Hee-haw”!

Makes me SMILE week 15


Little hit the ball every time it was pitched to him at his game.

The fact that I enjoy Chuck E. Cheese at the age of 28.

Hanging with my Girls and the Kiddos.

Laying in bed with Big and Little for the first 30 minutes in the morning cuddling, talking and playing.

Spending time with Family that you don’t see that often.

Having 3/4 of my kitchen cabinets back.

A loving and caring husband that steps in and takes care of me when I don’t feel well.

Friday off work to attend a Women’s Retreat and there is nothing planned between lunch and 5 so I get to spend an afternoon with one of my Besties relaxing!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!