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Makes me SMILE Week 46 and 47


Man, time off and not being in front of a computer has really messed me up with getting these out.  Here is another with 2 weeks in one!

Thanksgiving Lunch with Little Man at School.

Sleeping in on Saturday Morning, Thanks Babe!


Hanging with the Family and Besties.

3 Day work Week.

VERY impromptu Family outing to the movies.

Little Man’s face and reaction when we pick him up from school.  He is so excited to see me or Big, like he hasn’t seen us in a couple of days.

THANKSGIVING Dinner at our house with Family and Friends.

Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Christmas Decorating!

A new Car, thank you Lord!

Free Lunches at work!

Christmas Shopping! (even online shopping)


Makes me SMILE Week 36


Target, oh how I’ve missed you Target!

Little Man’s first game of Fall Blastball!

Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese, woot-woot!  I think I like that place more than some kids!

The lovely weather so I could watch my boys fish!

9/11 Service at Church.  Okay, I know this is a sad thing but it was such a good service to remember and honor.

A man who will cook.

I great job with health insurance and a boss that is cool and understanding that when you get a call from Daycare that you gotta go!

Free Lunch Friday!

Marital Dilemmas


I wanted to let you in on some marital dilemmas we have had over the years.  We have learned to deal with it but, when my husband and I first got together we had some issues to work out.  When I look at this list I’m surprised we have lasted this long.  I mean some of these offenses could end a relationship.  Especially a girl like me who is all Texan.

First offense

He is a White Bread Person.                     I am a Wheat Bread Person.


This problem has been solved by compromising on the Whole Wheat Bread.  The logic to this is obviously Whole Wheat is better for you.  Enough said.

Second Offense

He is a Mayonnaise Person.         I am a Miracle Whip Person.


This problem was not solvable.  We get a big jug of Mayo for him because he eats a lot of sandwiches and I get a little jar of Miracle Whip.  If I am out I guess I can eat Mayo and if he is out, Tough!

The next problem was totally offensive to me and I have learned to be “okay” with it.

He is a  Pepsi Person.             I am a Dr. Pepper Person.

This was not solvable either.  We get both Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.  WE ALL KNOW which one is better! But I keep my mouth shut.  I must really love him for that.

At least we agree on one thing, and that is the brand of ketchup.

Nothing else compares.

Do you and your man dispute on any food items?  Mrs. Baird’s Vs. Nature’s Own, Blue Bell Vs. Breyer’s? Whole Pickles Vs. Sliced?

Rose Cake – Copy Cat


Last week I made this lovely, wonderful and pretty cake for my friend’s birthday.  It is called the “Rose Cake”.

I have a confession to make.  I……. am……. a…….. COPY CAT!

I am also going to admit to……..I…….. take…….. bad……. food….. pictures.

What am I going to do?   But for reals, this cake looks a lot better in person and it was my first attempt.  I have some tweaking to do and I wish I had a picture in front of me of the inspiration cake.  I didn’t realize how it had smaller roses on top to make more.

It was Fun.  It was easy.  And I want to make it all the time now.

If you want to learn from the expert you can find her site and tutorial here.  She can do AMAZING THINGS with cake that I would have never thought of.  I also used her recipe for the icing/frosting (I can’t decide what I want to call it) and it was wonderful!

Under this icing in the Copy Cat Rose Cake is just a boxed cake.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone!