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Makes me SMILE week 50


A loving and understanding Husband.

Sleeping in after a long week traveling and away from home.

A Christmas Dinner with our closest friends.

Seeing Kids Christmas Excitement.

A meal I did not have to make or buy for.

A Family Sunday.

Little Man talking about the baby.

Big Man having dinner ready, food on the plate and plate on the table still warm when I got home late one night this week.

The Christmas Excitement and feeling of content this time of year.

The thought of baking cookies and getting ready for Santa with Little Man this weekend.

Makes me SMILE Week 38


Beautiful Weather for Blastball!

Ordering Little Man’s Rocket Cake!

What I thought was going to be a double date turned into a Surprise Birthday Dinner.  It was awesome!  Didn’t see it coming one bit, I cried.

Seeing Old Friends!

A lazy and play day with Big and Little.

My Birthday Dinner!

Sharing the news!

The cool breeze in the morning and the warm breeze in the afternoon!

Makes me SMILE Week 32



Little Man Playing in the puddles.

Tea Party.

Big Man taking Little Man fishing.

Little Man’s silly tan lines. (They got home from fishing and Little Man had gotten in the water and was dirty.  SO I had to strip him at the door and give him a bath.  I saw his little feet while his sandals were still on and I asked my husband, Are his feet dirty or are they that tanned?  Big Man looked at his feet and then at me and did the, I dunno? look. )  After scrubbing here are his sandal tan lines.

Swimming and Dinner provided by Bestie M, even though she wasn’t even there!

Free Lunch!

Oh, and I’m getting Baptized this weekend at the lake!

Splendid Mess Moment: Mud Puddles


Bestie J sent me pictures of a Splendid Mess Moment of Little Miss A.  I will let her explain the pictures.

We went to the neighbors to have dinner. She was sitting in the grass (or so I thought), messing with a sprinkler that was turned off. When I went to her to bring her inside, I saw that she was sitting in a giant mud puddle, just playing with the water and wiping mud on her arms and legs. One of my new favorite pictures of her.  🙂

I love Little Miss A!  She is one of my favorite little people, little people meaning she is a kid, not meaning that she is a little person, but kids ARE little people so… oh never-mind!   My point is that she is like my own and she has the sweetest heart.  I love you Miss A!  

Did you have any Splendid Mess Moments this summer?  Send me your photos and I will feature you on here!  Can’t wait to share another Splendid Mess Moment once I get the photos back.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  I would love to share your photos too!




This past weekend one of  my best friend’s had a “Generation’s Tea” at her church.  They asked for people who were interested to “host” or decorate/set a table.  Well, she got a good turn out to the tea but not the tables.  So, because I am her best friend and because I love to decorate and party plan I jumped for the chance to help.  Along with our other bestie.  Bestie M is a seasoned host and has been to several of these type of functions before and has accumulated a lot of table settings/decor.  Her stuff alone decorated 3 tables with all 3 different themes.  I was impressed!  Oh, to one day be able to open a drawer or closet and say I have these dishes or these, this table-cloth or that one…..

For weeks I kept looking on Pinterest trying to gather inspiration and wonder what theme or color to go off of.  I had this image in my head but I was not about to go and spend all this $$ when I didn’t really have it to spend.  So I kept looking and kept looking online but never actually did anything.  I don’t know why really, that’s not like me.

My planning has been blah lately. For instance, here it is mid August and Little Man’s Birthday is mid October and I know what I want to do but I haven’t started.  This time last year I was basically done and just waiting on the day of.  This year,  things are sitting on Pinterest and I still can’t make a decision on where to have it!  Sorry, I digress.

I kept telling myself to stop and just go look at my Mother’s dishes that once were my Great-Great Grandmothers from Ohio.  I had never seen them but knew she had them.  I am a Modern type of girl so I just knew that these things were going to be old and probably cheesy looking.  Man, oh Man, was I wrong.  They were Gorgeous!

White hand painted with blue and yellow trim and cute flowers of blue, pink, orange and yellow.  The colors themselves were very modern.  So within two days of thinking it over and trying to decided what colors to go with I had ordered fabric online, on sale and had it shipped to my very talented Sister that has been teaching herself to sew.

It came out beautifully!

You know the best part?  I asked my sister to make the table runner long enough for my 10 person dinning room table.  So I can use the runner and napkins over and over again!

Makes me Smile week 31


Double and a half date night!

Laughing for an hour and a half.

Late night with friends.

Family outing to Chuck E. Cheese, just for fun.

Seeing the movie Soul Surfer.  Man, break out the tissues if you are going to watch this one.  I cried like 7 times.

Generation Tea planning with the girls.

Big Man, being the helpful husband and helping us girls.

Little Man and Miss A feeding a donkey and going “Hee-haw”!

Makes me SMILE week 29


Little Man’s excitement for new toys, new to us toys.

Big Man’s Dad in town.

Compliments to the baker!

Little Man’s first time to roller skate and the fact that he thought he was awesome at it even though he was using a roller skate walker-helper thing-a-ma-jig.

(Okay, I know it might look like we, or I, am using the “thing-a-ma-jig” but I wasn’t, this was just a photo-op.)

Little Miss A in roller skates.

(What is up the carpet in these types of places?)

Child Dedication at Church that included our Little Man, never too late you know!

(Us with Pastor Jeff)

The start of VBS, we are running the games for approx. 300 kids all week.

(On a hot day you have to get your kids out and play Splish, Splish, Splash. Like Duck, Duck, Goose but with a cup of water) 

Makes me SMILE week 26


An uneventful trip back.  Doesn’t seem like that would make me smile but I mean, no flat tires, no break downs, no screaming kid in the back seat type of event.

A domesticated husband.  Sure makes life easier and makes me appreciate him more.


” I love you Mommy”

Hugs and Kisses from Miss A.

Stress free Dinner with Friends.

The start of a Bro-Mance.

Getting off 2 hours early because it is a holiday weekend.