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Makes me SMILE Week 37


Shopping by MYSELF! I never appreciated this until after Little Man.

A family trip to Toys-R-Us.  Got some great idea’s for Little Man’s Birthday AND Christmas and picked up activities for his Birthday Party coming up.

Lunch with a Bestie!


Little Man eating an Apple Slice! (Only the second one in his life and it had Nutella on it.  It took 15 minutes for him to finish, so the smile quickly faded.)

This Weather!

The start of Fall TV Shows.  What’s new that you want to watch this year?  I want to watch, Whitney, Once upon a time, Pan Am, Up All Night, GCB.  I know that is a lot on top of the few that are staples like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family but we will see what sticks?

Surprise lunch from the Big Man!

Appreciation of a yard work.  I might not like out back yard but at least we have one, right?

Friendly email banter.

Makes me Smile Week 2


Girls Night

Snow Ball fight with Big and Little

When Little gives me a kiss and says I love you! ~ all on his own.

Looking at Beach Rentals online

That 30 seconds after Grey’s Anatomy is over, you know where you are thinking, What????, I want more, what’s next????!!!!!