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Teddy Bear Birthday Party


Just to show that you can get inspiration from just about anything and everything here is Little Man’s 1st Birthday – Teddy Bear Party.

When he was still a baby we started to call him Sugar Bear, still do from time to time.  I guess almost everyone has a baby nickname.  Don’t tell my husband I told you this but, his was Baby Cakes, he-he, shhhh!!  If I had one I don’t know it.  Anyways, so we had decided that that would be our theme. Teddy Bears, and go with Blue and Brown.  We were lucky enough to do a one year photo shoot with a GREAT Photographer, Cynthia.  I would recommend her all the way.  www.yourcandidmemories.com We did the shoot about a month before his birthday so we would have time to have the photos back and invites made up.  Cynthia did the invites for us and we thought they turned out great.  If you look close enough at Little Man’s shirt you will see that we made him a birthday shirt for photos and to wear the day of his party for everyone to see.  Way CUTE!!

Again I don’t have a lot of “GOOD” Pictures from this party either.  We didn’t decorate much (just blue everything, table cloth, plates, ect.) and we didn’t do any games or anything.  It was just a one year old party after all so there were a lot of adults.  We got the cutest cupcakes ever after I had searched the web and saw teddy bear cupcakes here. As you can see they turned out great!  Again, I did not try to attempt these, we ordered them from Candy Haven and their website is here.

Here are classic one year cake photos.

He did not know what was going on when we all started to sing Happy Birthday to him.

He knew to clap when we clapped though.

As for Favors, it was very hard to find Teddy Bear stuff.  I did find Teddy Bear Noise Makers, little sport like teddy bears from Oriental Trading Company and made Goodie bags with a simple Thank You Tag to match the theme again.  Yes I know there is a typo.

Okay, so that is all I have so far for Kid Birthday’s.  I hope you enjoyed!

P.S. –  What was your baby nickname?