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When am I going to be a grown up?


I swear, kids are great!  Lord only knows the random thoughts and things that go thru their heads.  This morning Little Man asked me,

“Mom, When am I going to be a grown up?”

I didn’t know exactly what to say, so I responded, “When you are old enough to live on your own without Mommy and Daddy”

I couldn’t see his face because we were in the car driving but the tone of his voice got real sad and he said, “I’m going to miss Mommy and Daddy.”

“Me to baby, me too!” 


Oh, I’ll Remember That!


Yay, I get to save money by not having to buy anymore toys!  I guess I should explain…

We give Little Man “Certificates” when ever he tries something new to eat and after 5 of them he can trade them in for a new toy. It can take months to get 5.   So now he is back to 1.

Well I guess he is over it. I was asking him if he wanted strawberries, that they were sweet like fruit snacks and that he would get a certificate.

“I don’t want any more toys, I already have a lot.”

“Oh, really?”

“I will have to remember that next time we are at the store and you start asking for a one!”

Makes me SMILE week 29


Little Man’s excitement for new toys, new to us toys.

Big Man’s Dad in town.

Compliments to the baker!

Little Man’s first time to roller skate and the fact that he thought he was awesome at it even though he was using a roller skate walker-helper thing-a-ma-jig.

(Okay, I know it might look like we, or I, am using the “thing-a-ma-jig” but I wasn’t, this was just a photo-op.)

Little Miss A in roller skates.

(What is up the carpet in these types of places?)

Child Dedication at Church that included our Little Man, never too late you know!

(Us with Pastor Jeff)

The start of VBS, we are running the games for approx. 300 kids all week.

(On a hot day you have to get your kids out and play Splish, Splish, Splash. Like Duck, Duck, Goose but with a cup of water) 

Can I grow up?


I had a stop the clock moment and an, if you only knew, moment when we were on vacation.

It was our last day and we had an 11AM Check out time.  We were packing and cleaning and talking about how we didn’t want to leave.  My friend’s daughter (10 yo) was talking to Little Man and she said “I am going to move down here when I grow up”.  As she was saying this she went to go sit on some steps to the house.  I was about 20 feet away at the truck loading somethings up and Little Man comes over to me all serious and sweet like, calls for me and I turn around and he is right under me looking up and says,  “Mommy, can I go over there and grow up with *A?”

It was the saddest and funniest things at the same time.  Stop the Clock Moment – everyone was so sad and didn’t want to leave the beach house behind, including me.  If You Only Knew Moment – In my head I was thinking, Son, if you only knew how fast time goes by and before I know it I will blink my eyes and you will be 14,  that one day you are going to be my age and wishing you were just a little younger for a little longer.  Again another Stop the Clock Moment – Stop growing, stop just for a moment and stay this cute, funny, loving Preschooler that you are.

Please remember this


Dear Son,

PLEASE remember this week.  I know at the age of 3 years and 8 months that the chances of you remembering this trip long-term are probably very slim.  You will get to a point in life where you will think to yourself, Did we do that or did I dream that up?  I can only assume that it is going to be another very long time before we can have a true family vacation.  I feel like we do not get enough of these moments and I am always scared that we will not be able to do more things like this in the future, or near future anyways.  I want you to have your own life and not mirror mine or your fathers like I once thought.  But, there is one thing I want you to experience like me and that was family road trips, trips on the highway and stopping every couple of hours for a sightsee excursion, spending the days on a beach or by the lake.  Those were some of my fondest memories.  Fighting over the space in the back seat with my sister.  Coloring in our coloring books until the next stop. (No portable DVD or Ipod back in my day)   Sitting up front on the ice chest (no booster seats back in my day either) leaning in between my parents from the back of a van talking and looking out at the different scenery.  Going on a cave tour or crabbing or watching fireflies in the sky for the first time.

I hope you smell the air, feel the sun on your cheeks, taste the salty water on your lips, squish the sand in your toes, laugh out of no where and take it all in as much as a 3 year and 8 month old boy can appreciate.  Because one day you will be married with kids taking them to the beach and thinking back hopefully of this very week.

Hug-Hug, Kiss-Kiss!

Makes me SMILE week 23


A nothing to do Friday night hanging with the family.

Little Man’s last Blastball game of the season.  (Not that the season is over, they played really well and got trophy’s.)

Spending the afternoon doing nothing with one of my Besties and the kids.

A light-hearted Church service with a real message.

The feeling of God’s presence and faith and the peace from it during a stressful time.

Seeing change.

Blastball Pizza Party.

People that take time out of their lives for others.

School Programs.  Little Man did so go and loved it.  The days of just standing there are over.