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Unused Baby Names


We all have them, list of baby names to consider for when the time comes.  I started mine before Little Man was born and he is now almost 4 1/2.  Now that I’m pretty sure we are done in the kid department after Baby J is born I feel like I should share.  But first the breakdown of the names chosen.

I don’t remember having a set boy or girl name before we knew that Little Man was a “Man”.  I just remember once we knew that he was a “Man” that it was between two names there for while, Liam or Lane.  With this one I had a full boy name and a full girl name before we knew the sex ready and waiting.  Once we found out it was a girl the name did evolve and change some.

Original Boy Name:  LOGAN HOLLIS

No connection to the names except that I liked them.  I have never heard of the name Hollis before and saw it on Facebook one day so it had the strong and unique factor.  With already having a boy I thought the first names should start with the same letter, Why do we do that people?  My mom is 1 of 4 girls that all start with P.  I am 1 of 2 girls that start with S.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against it.  I mean, if we were having a boy right now then I would be on that bandwagon too.

Original Girl Name: JOSSLYN SADIE

Josslyn has been on my list since before Liam.  It has the feminine and unique factor.  The spelling is different and modern, which I like.  Sadie just sounded pretty and rolled off the tongue.  BUT it was a little country and didn’t stick.  I really wanted a family name in there somewhere.  So I sat down with the Big Man and I told him that he could choose the middle name but he had to choose one of the following three:

Josslyn Jane (Grandmother’s Middle Name)

Josslyn Ann (Other Grandmother’s Middle Name)

Josslyn Teddie (Big Man’s Middle Name is Theodore after his grandfather so it is a girly version of the family name on his side)  Plus have a mentioned yet that I love Girl-Boy names?


Other Unused Girl Names:  Girls















and I know a lot of people will think this is on the wrong list but I love the idea of Logann for a girl.

Unused Boy Names:







I must have known I was going to have a girl in the back of my mind the whole time.  I really didn’t focus on those that much this time around.  I will say though that I do LOVE my boy name so if anyone wants to use it go right ahead!  I was very leery of it when the top baby names came out because Logan is in the top 10 boy names of 2011 or something like that but in the end I didn’t care I still loved it.




Don’t worry, I’m still here!!  I sort of lost the blog bug for a little while and hope that I catch it again with the soon to be birth of our baby girl!

Update:  The pregnancy has been going great.  I’m not a complainer so even if it wasn’t I’m not the one to say much different.  I have the usual late pregnancy stuff going on.  Heartburn, swollen feet and ankles.  It was stressful there for a couple of weeks/months but that was due to getting the room ready.

I insisted on having bead board in the room.  My husband and I are pretty handy people but we had never taken on a bigger job like that.  My husband did a wonderful job with a help of a friend.  It took longer then expected b/c of the weather and what not but none of that matters because it came out BEAUTIFULLY!!

I also insisted on having a girly blue color for the room.  There is just something about a girl and feminine blue with me.  I love it!  Here are some pics of the room.  Some phone pictures and some my sister took. Wish we would have stopped and taken more.  There are a couple of things that we didn’t get pictures of that I wish we would have now.






Another thing that came out ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY was the Baby Shower/Sprinkle <3.  My two best friends put it on for me with the help of some others, 😉 they would not let me get involved at all.  I’m going to be honest, I was really upset at first because I love to party plan and craft and be creative.  But God knew what he was doing with them and I was able to put my efforts towards the baby room.  They blew my expectation out of the water and now I’m intimidated to put a shindig together when they are around.





Me with my Mom and Sister!


Me and the Hostesses and Besties!!

So there is a quick snap shot of the last couple of weeks.  After this Easter weekend I plan on taking it super slow and easy.  I’m getting to the, I’m really tired and don’t want to do much but wait I need to take care of this, while my husband gets really frustrated and insists that I sit down.  Thanks Babe!

Anyways, I hope that everyone has a Wonderful Easter and remembers what it is all about!


Telling Big Man the News


Okay, so by now hopefully everyone saw the great news that we are expecting!

I found out the day I was getting Baptized, which you can see here if you missed it.  I kept the little secret to myself for the day until I could come up with a fun and exciting way to tell my husband. (which he kinda blew by the way)  Knowing that this is going to be our second and probably last baby, I wanted to tell him in a fun way.

With Little Man I also found out I was pregnant on a special day too, Valentines Day!  I got up like normal (it was a work day) took three pregnancy tests. (why do we do that, like it is going to change?) I then went to wake Big Man up and told him that I had a Valentines Day Gift for him.  He was all groggy, bed head and eyes half-open and then I told him we were having a baby.  It was a sweet moment.

This time I wanted to mix it up a bit.  I scored the internet for different ways to tell your husband you are expecting.  The best I read and thought would work for us was one where you use a jar of Prego Spaghetti sauce.   We all know that once you get pregnant someone is calling you Prego at least once a week, which is cool, no complaints.  We are a family that loves our Spaghetti Nights.  So I thought, Great, we will have spaghetti and I will start on dinner and then ask Big Man to get the (doctored) jar out of the pantry for me.  Easy, right? No!

First when I say “doctored” jar I mean doctored.  I used the trusty, Picnik.com

Pretty cool huh?  Well, I think so, if you don’t just play along.

So I printed the main part of the label and thought I would just slap it on when he wasn’t looking.  I get home we say our hello’s.  I say “I’ll start on dinner, how does spaghetti sound?”  “No, we were thinking breakfast for dinner” he says.

 “What??  We have to have Spaghetti, I planned this all out, I can’t go another day without telling him.  It is killing me already to go this long.”  Oh, that was me talking to myself in the head.   

“Oh, I was set on Spaghetti” I say.  “Yeah, but Little Man tried eggs at school today and when I picked him up from school he said he LOVED Eggs now so he wanted to have pancakes and eggs for dinner.”  Oh, well at this point I don’t know if I mentioned it enough but Little Man is a very picky eater and we are trying anything and everything for him to try new foods so for him to ask for eggs, well, this momma is going to do it.


So I stand in the kitchen for minute going, “Crap, what am I going to do?  How am I going to make this work.”

So, like a said, I slapped the label on the jar with some glue.


Looks good right?  So, at this point, I don’t know what to do expect to call him in and tell him that I really wanted to have spaghetti tonight because I got this special kind of sauce.  I had the sauce sitting on the edge of the counter as you come into the kitchen, so he could see it right away.

In the end, he said he didn’t even notice all the extra wording I put on there until after I asked him about it.  He said that he just put two and two together.  But now I have something for the scrapbook sorta speak.