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Splendid Mess Moment: Paint Fight


Man, I love me a good play fight.  Pillow Fight, Food Fight, Paint Fight!

When my Photographer Friend, Cynthia, announced that she had a New “Mini” and it was going to be a paint fight I knew it was something we HAD to do.  It sounded so fun and it was definitively going to be a Splendid Mess.  In case you were wondering you can find Cynthia here,  www.yourcandidmemories.com  We love her!

We had so much fun that morning.  She said we were probably the messiest out of all her mini’s.  I loved seeing Little Man’s face and we have a great piece of Family Art for our house!

Splendid Mess Moment: Mud Puddles


Bestie J sent me pictures of a Splendid Mess Moment of Little Miss A.  I will let her explain the pictures.

We went to the neighbors to have dinner. She was sitting in the grass (or so I thought), messing with a sprinkler that was turned off. When I went to her to bring her inside, I saw that she was sitting in a giant mud puddle, just playing with the water and wiping mud on her arms and legs. One of my new favorite pictures of her.  🙂

I love Little Miss A!  She is one of my favorite little people, little people meaning she is a kid, not meaning that she is a little person, but kids ARE little people so… oh never-mind!   My point is that she is like my own and she has the sweetest heart.  I love you Miss A!  

Did you have any Splendid Mess Moments this summer?  Send me your photos and I will feature you on here!  Can’t wait to share another Splendid Mess Moment once I get the photos back.  Some of you know what I’m talking about.  I would love to share your photos too!