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We’re having a ……


I have not explained the happenings of finding out the gender of our baby on the blog.  Well if you remember I posted that we would hopefully find out on Dec. 8th.

I just knew that this baby was going to be like Little Man and not show us the goods and sure enough if he/she didn’t.  The Sonographer did everything she could to get a 100% on the sex of the baby.

Not only that but, I had this whole plan on how she was going to write the sex down and put it in an envelope so my sister could get a box of balloons and surprise us with the rest of our family.  It was going to be awesome.  Nope, didn’t happen.  I walked out of there disappointed but not surprised.  They basically told me that because they could see everything else with the baby and that the baby was completely healthy that it was not “deemed necessary” to do another sonogram.  I didn’t know what I was going to do.

I always knew that I wanted to have one of those 3D/4D Sonograms with this baby and even suggested it as a Christmas gift from my family.  So when my sister saw how disappointed I was she said she would go ahead and get that for us for Christmas, it included a quick “Gender Check”.  YAY!  

The next week I was going to California for business and would be gone all week so I knew that I was going to have to wait another week and possibly two because then it was Christmas week, ect.  So when I got back in to work on Monday and called about get an appointment she said, “I have one today at 3.”  I said, “I’ll take it!”  

I did not tell my husband or anyone else in my family in hopes that I could still pull out a surprise for someone and wait until Christmas to do a mini Gender Reveal.  I held on to that secret from Monday until Christmas Eve on Saturday.  It was hard but worth it.



So as you can see from the Pink Balloon, we are having a Girl!

Makes me SMILE week 50


A loving and understanding Husband.

Sleeping in after a long week traveling and away from home.

A Christmas Dinner with our closest friends.

Seeing Kids Christmas Excitement.

A meal I did not have to make or buy for.

A Family Sunday.

Little Man talking about the baby.

Big Man having dinner ready, food on the plate and plate on the table still warm when I got home late one night this week.

The Christmas Excitement and feeling of content this time of year.

The thought of baking cookies and getting ready for Santa with Little Man this weekend.

Last Christmas…..with JUST Little Man


Why is it that Christmas seems like it is a while away and then once it is here you start saying, “I can’t believe it is Christmas already!?”  Well, that is how I feel this week.  I also had the thought of “Wow, this is probably going to be the easiest Christmas I will have for a while too.”  Starting next year I will have double the gift buying, double the hiding and sneaking, double the projects and double the wrapping.  I hope I can handle it, I hope I can try to be the same Mommy to one as I am to two.

I also started thinking that I will have double the excitement, double the cuteness, double the love and joy of sharing such a wonderful time and the Love of Jesus.

So I’m soaking this Christmas in.  By this time next year everything will be such a blur and I will be trying to find my footing with two.  So I’m going to spend extra time with Big and Little…..uh, right after tonight and my last things of to do’s.

Makes me SMILE week 48 and part of 49


Man, I can not get my stuff together over here on the blog.  Because I will be out of town for most the week and have limited access I’m throwing in part of Week 49.  Can’t believe I have almost made it all 52 weeks.

Running errands as a family!

Marking things off my Christmas List.

Wrapping Presents.

A Lazy Sunday trying to stay cozy.

20 Week Sono, even though the baby would not let us see the goods!

Little Man’s Christmas Program.

A Surprise Date Night with Big Man!

A Breakfast Birthday Party!

A caring and servant heart husband.

Crossing more off the Christmas List.

A wonderful TCOC Christmas Program.

Catching Little Man singing “A baby change’s everything”


Makes me SMILE Week 46 and 47


Man, time off and not being in front of a computer has really messed me up with getting these out.  Here is another with 2 weeks in one!

Thanksgiving Lunch with Little Man at School.

Sleeping in on Saturday Morning, Thanks Babe!


Hanging with the Family and Besties.

3 Day work Week.

VERY impromptu Family outing to the movies.

Little Man’s face and reaction when we pick him up from school.  He is so excited to see me or Big, like he hasn’t seen us in a couple of days.

THANKSGIVING Dinner at our house with Family and Friends.

Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Christmas Decorating!

A new Car, thank you Lord!

Free Lunches at work!

Christmas Shopping! (even online shopping)


Makes me SMILE Week 37


Shopping by MYSELF! I never appreciated this until after Little Man.

A family trip to Toys-R-Us.  Got some great idea’s for Little Man’s Birthday AND Christmas and picked up activities for his Birthday Party coming up.

Lunch with a Bestie!


Little Man eating an Apple Slice! (Only the second one in his life and it had Nutella on it.  It took 15 minutes for him to finish, so the smile quickly faded.)

This Weather!

The start of Fall TV Shows.  What’s new that you want to watch this year?  I want to watch, Whitney, Once upon a time, Pan Am, Up All Night, GCB.  I know that is a lot on top of the few that are staples like Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family but we will see what sticks?

Surprise lunch from the Big Man!

Appreciation of a yard work.  I might not like out back yard but at least we have one, right?

Friendly email banter.

December so far


I know I have not posted much lately and I’m sorry.  I wasn’t sure how consistent I could be with this.  Our December and Christmas Season so far has been wonderful!  We feel so blessed! Earlier this month we had a Second Family Christmas.  You know those people you consider family, your second family!  We were so excited to host a night for our friends to relax, eat, drink, and be merry!  And to Celebrate such a wonderful holiday!  I will say more about this later.  We made the house so festive with lights and decorations and had a fancy table settings, normally we are not “fancy” people.  Here are some pictures…

While waiting for the guest to arrive I looked out the window and it was such a pretty sunset that I had to take a picture!


The pictures don’t do it justice.  The main lights were off and we just had the lights from the tree, the garland

and all the candle light, it was beautiful.

After dinner and some chill time we opened presents but before that we (Aunt Momo) read Christmas books to the kids.


We then let the kids decorate cookies, I can’t believe we didn’t take any pictures.  I think we were too busy helping to stop and take pictures.

And last but not least here is a picture of me and the girls.  I love these ladies and the friendship we each have.  Y’all are all very special to me!

I just realized that we have a red-head, and brunette and a blond, sounds like a bad joke starting, right?  You might look at the picture and see two brunettes but if you knew her enough you would know that she is one of those that is ever-changing and you don’t know what she will do next.  Love you Mon.

Big Man, Little Man and myself have done some Christmas stuff too and have been trying to get some “Family Traditions” going.  We have gone to Grapevine Main Street and walked around, Little and I went to Bass Pro Shop one day and enjoyed all the fun and games they have going on there.  Little does not want to sit and take a picture with Santa and I’m okay with that.  We drove around and looked at Christmas lights, that was a big thing for Big Man b/c he did that as a kid.  We baked Cookies, I will post those later.  Nothing to big and exciting but we don’t need that.  We have been enjoying our time with each other and the fact that we were able to take care of most things earlier on, that we are not in a rush with stress to get things done and bought for.  I am looking forward to Christmas Eve Service at Church even though I have a feeling it is going to be very laid back and not have the symbolism and heaviness that I might be looking for this year.  This is our first Christmas with TCOC, The Church of Corinth, and we are not sure what to expect.

Our family is really trying to focus on the real reason for the season if you will, Jesus!  We are trying to explain to our Little Man what the day is and why we celebrate and still have Santa at the same time.  I know some Christians these days don’t have “Santa” but I remember being so EXCITED as a little girl on Christmas Morning that Santa had been to our house and left me presents.  So we are telling Liam that Santa brings presents to the children to celebrate Jesus’ Birthday because Jesus is a present from God for us.  He is starting to retain and knows that it is Jesus’ Birthday.  But he is so excited (about the presents he knows he will get) and it is such a JOY to see his face when he talks about it and I can’t wait until Christmas Morning!  I hope that everyone, if anyone is still reading at this point has a very blessed and wonderful Christmas!

Love,   Sonja B