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Makes me Smile Week 1


I decided to join half of the other people on WordPress and commit to either a blog post a day or a blog post a week in 2011.  Well, if you didn’t notice by now it is Jan. 7th so I obviously didn’t commit to a post a day.  I was so hesitant to even commit to a post a week.  I mean, I’m not a writer it doesn’t come naturally.  This blogging is just something I thought I would try to do and see what happens.  I was wracking my brain just trying to come up with subjects to write about but then I realized who said I had to write.  Like most things in life, keep it simple-SONJA!  So, I have decided to do a light-hearted, remember the small stuff because most often than not that is what is most important in life.  So that brings you to, What makes me SMILE!!!  Anything and everything (that I can remember to write down, type out or take a picture of) that brings a smile to my face.  The list might be long it might be short.  By all means this is not everything that brings a smile to my face.  I mean I am a pretty happy-go-lucky type of person so I pretty much have a smile on my face at all times.  These are the things that make you stop and think to yourself, wow, or aw, or this is great, or I hope I remember this moment even though at the time it doesn’t seem important at all.   I will shut up now and get to it.  Here is what made me stop and smile this week.

Celebrating the new year with my husband and best friend. CHEERS!

Watching Little and Big laying on the floor of the living room painting a $1.00 Alligator toy.

Facebook comments and posts between me and my girlfriends, I can not elaborate here as it would embarrass myself.

Big and Little being boys and wrestling.

The Morning SUN.


What makes you smile? Do you have something that makes you always stop and smile?  Like when you see an older couple walking and holding hands.  Or when you see someone walking around the parking lot that obviously forgot where they parked (because you have been there at least 5 times yourself-okay, that is one of mine).  But you know what I am getting at.  Please leave a commit and share yours, because I am sure it will make others SMILE too!

Love ya,

Sonja B.