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Makes Me SMILE Week 34


The start of a long over due project!

Little Man’s room into a little man’s room and not a toddler room. (This is a Happy-Sad)

I family night at the ball park, Go Rangers!

The house back in order after the weekend.  It was a TOTAL. MESS.

Dinner with Bestie J.

Start of the Fall Blastball season!

Skimming over Halloween Costumes already.

Super Silly Moments with Little Man.  (If you think I’m goofy, just give this kid some time.)

Makes me SMILE week 17


Kitchen that is almost finished and workable.

Easter Lunch at the house.

Family and Friends.

Kids Easter Egg Hunt.

The time after some people have already left and stuff is cleaned up and the kids are entertained and you can relax and talk.

A friend’s birthday Surprise.

3 grown women being able to dance with the kids for fun.

Little’s blastball practice.

And I always love a free lunch friday!

Makes me SMILE week 14


Blastball Season.

Little’s Excitement.

Little’s Braveness.

The Challenge to not just talk the talk but walk the walk.

The feeling of productivity.

Little circling the cul-de-sac on his bike and saying na-na-na-na, you can’t catch me! To the girl who lives across the street that is almost a year older than him and he just got the hang of riding his bike this week.  Don’t get me wrong we told him it was not nice to tease and all of that but it was still a great moment b/c he was doing so well and going so fast for just getting the hang of riding, plus we know we all did that as kids.  I also tried to teach him that it was not Na-Na-Na, but Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo.

Receiving God’s word at the exact right time.

Big working his butt off in the back yard this week for me.