What is a Splendid Mess to you?


1.   gorgeous; magnificent; sumptuous.
2.   grand; superb, as beauty.
3.   distinguished or glorious, as a name, reputation, victory, etc.
4.   strikingly admirable or fine: splendid talents.
5.   excellent, fine, or very good: to have a splendid time.
6.   brilliant in appearance, color, etc.

1.   a dirty, untidy, or disordered condition: The room was in a mess.
2.   a person or thing that is dirty, untidy, or disordered.
3.   a state of embarrassing confusion: My affairs are in a mess.
4.   an unpleasant or difficult situation: She got into a mess driving without a license.

A Splendid Mess to me has two meaning.  Those times where everything seems perfect and a total disarray at the same time.  As a parent this kind of thing happens often.  For example, that time the little one sat in the dirt and made mud pies or their pants are soaked from the knee down from puddle jumping or the time they helped you in the kitchen and you didn’t care that it was going to take you an hour to clean the mess.  Because at that moment nothing else mattered and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It could also be times like, when you and your newly wed husband decided to paint your new house?  Or that time he tried to make YOU breakfast?  And most people have experienced the first few weeks and months with a new puppy.

Life is all about Splendid Messes if you stop and appreciate the real things in life.  Who cares if the dishes aren’t done or the laundry isn’t folded.  STAY in the moment!  Or better yet help make a Splendid Mess into a Splendid Memory.

The second is what we might consider ourselves from time to time.  Most people know what a “Hot Mess” is these days.  Well sometimes I feel like a Splendid Mess.  Do you feel that way?  You try to be perfect and you try to do everything, only to make more of a mess in your life.  Or like you can never get your butt in gear or your s*** straight?  I think of myself as a mess but at the same time I know that GOD loves Me just the way I am and to him I am Splendid.    Embrace your Splendid Mess Self!

Do you have a Splendid Mess Memory or moment in your life that you embraced your splendid mess?  Please share I would love to hear from you!

Splendid Mess Moment: Mud Puddles

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