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Makes Me SMILE Week 33


Date Night with Little Man.

God’s will in the works.

Dinner with some great people.

MY Baptism!


Seeing my Sister!

Little Man’s sense of humor.

We were getting ready for school and he picked up a comb, put it over his eye and said, I’m a pirate!

This View, Scattered Showers over North Texas!



Little Man’s is finally out of this Toddler Bed!


Makes me SMILE Week 32



Little Man Playing in the puddles.

Tea Party.

Big Man taking Little Man fishing.

Little Man’s silly tan lines. (They got home from fishing and Little Man had gotten in the water and was dirty.  SO I had to strip him at the door and give him a bath.  I saw his little feet while his sandals were still on and I asked my husband, Are his feet dirty or are they that tanned?  Big Man looked at his feet and then at me and did the, I dunno? look. )  After scrubbing here are his sandal tan lines.

Swimming and Dinner provided by Bestie M, even though she wasn’t even there!

Free Lunch!

Oh, and I’m getting Baptized this weekend at the lake!